We’ve found there are plenty of property owners out there who are happy to manage their own property but find inspections a little awkward and uncomfortable. There are also those property owners who do not feel they need to complete inspections because they trust their tenants and have faith that they’re good people. That may be perfectly true, but it’s highly likely that your insurance company will require inspections either expressly or through a general clause requiring the property be managed to generally accepted standards. Not performing regular inspections may invalidate your cover which would render all your premiums pointless and puts you at risk of significant loss should something go wrong. Inspection reports are routinely requested by insurers when they assess claims. They are also often a useful piece of evidence at Tribunal hearings.

If you’re not ready to take the leap in handing full management over to a property manager, consider an inspection-only service. We provide this as a 12 month package of four routine inspections for $425 + GST. We will arrange the inspection with your tenant every 3 months, perform the inspection, send you an inspection report with photos and notes, and if there is any maintenance we believe needs doing we will give you a list. Maintenance is then for you to assess and complete or organise to have completed. In all other respects you manage the property.

We are very respectful of your tenants and their home. We understand that inspections are quite invasive and our team are very good at putting people at ease so that we can quickly and efficiently do what needs doing and then leave them be. A strong rapport with tenants is the foundation of our approach to managing properties so we take our interactions with tenants very seriously.

Give us a call to discuss whether an inspection-only service might be right for you.

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