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At Mana Property Management, we don't just manage your property, we look after it.

Mana Property Management

We are an independent property management company with a strong sense of what we feel is right and wrong. We are compassionate, but we do not take nonsense.

Mana Property Management are working hard toward managing the best quality portfolio of rental properties in Dunedin. The better quality our properties, the more comfortable our tenants are, the longer they stay, the less wear and tear their property suffers and ultimately the better the return on investment for owners.

Our processes follow the Residential Tenancies Act strictly but we aim to deliver that with empathy to our tenants. We take being the manager of their home very seriously and do our absolute best to make a tenancy with us a very pleasant experience.

What makes Mana Property Management different?

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We take a "what's best for the owner?" approach

We apply this to all situations we encounter. We also strongly believe that by asking ourselves "what's best for the tenant?", we usually land at an outcome that is best for the owner. A happy tenant represents less risk and less cost to an owner. Every scenario is different but this concept drives how we apply our professional judgement.


Our ongoing quest for knowledge

Tenancy is now a complex area of law and becoming increasingly so. A huge part of our value to you is our deep understanding of the legislation so that we can help you to fulfill your many and significant obligations under the law. As a team we are dedicated to constantly developing professionally.


Tenant rapport

We acknowledge the correlation between a strong rapport with tenants and: longer tenure; less wear and tear; less damage; lower maintenance requirements; fewer arrears and tidier presentation of the property. In our experience, having a strong rapport with tenants has reduced risk and cost for our owners.


Property investing is our main focus

Often property management companies are tagged onto other businesses like real estate agencies as a secondary operation. We are independent property managers and this IS our business. This allows us to focus on quality management with all of our resources.


Our rates are competitive

We pride ourselves on the quality of our property management service and the thoroughness of our operation. We are transparent about our fees and happily publish our standard fee schedule on the Owners page. We can also provide a tailored fee proposal specific to your property once we have had a chance to assess it.


We don’t charge for those 5 minute on site running repairs

While managing properties, we have found that the little jobs like a tripped fuse, loose screws, tap washer, leaking pipe joint, towel rail coming off the wall (in fact the list is endless) can be simple tasks that can be attended to there and then or sometimes over the phone with the tenants. However many property managers call out a tradesman which can cost you the landlord unnecessarily.

The team at Mana Management have been a godsend for my investing in Dunedin. They helped me buy, renovate, and manage a block of flats - all completely sight unseen. It has been the easiest, and most lucrative, experience in my investing career. There is no way I could manage the property without the help of the Mana team, they have made it so smooth.

Ryan Spearman
I like the almost INSTANT response when I apply for properties, even within half an hour of sending a message about a property I was interested in, I had an appt within minutes! Agents are always in time and very friendly and professional. I'm sure we will find our long term rental home soon! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous Google Reviewer
Mana is a great company to work with from a tradies point of view, you don’t need to spend to much time with them to realise that they have a strong code of ethics that ensures they do the right thing. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a property management company.

John Harris Paintmax