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Welcome to Mana Property Management where our goal is to provide landlords and their properties, with quality tenants for the best overall return possible.

A thorough understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act, solid processes, a personal element of care for your tenants and an eye for maintenance play a key role in the service we aim to deliver.

We are constantly on the lookout for new ways of doing things and we are not afraid of change if it means a better outcome for our owners, our tenants and our properties. 

We have established processes to ensure our properties are compliant with insulation, smoke alarm and Healthy Homes Standards requirements. 

To book a free appraisal please contact Matt on 022 055 7051.



A snap shot of our management

Did you know... that Mana Property Management only require one month's notice from an owner to terminate our management agreement? We are so confident you will love us that we bank on you staying with us because you like us, rather than because you are contractually bound to us! Give us a try.



We are taking an early intervention approach to maintenance to minimise the long term cost of maintenance for your property and therefore keeping the yield up. We have trade accounts for whiteware, appliances, building supplies etc and we pass on those trade prices to our owners.


We are actively looking for opportunities for our owners to increase the return on their investment and often renovation is one of those options. We have handled everything from a full gutting and renovation through to a new bathroom, new kitchen, or a simple refresh of a property by way of a repaint and recarpet. Sometimes something as simple as replacing an old, tired and stained bathroom vanity, or a kitchen bench that’s had a hard life can make the world of difference.


We have a comprehensive tenant selection process which includes multi-bureau background and credit checks. Once tenants have moved in, we do our best to make them comfortable by employing our kindness and empathy ethos. We believe that this leads to less wear and tear and longer term tenancies meaning less vacancy. We are not casual about enforcing the Residential Tenancies Act but we do it with kindness and empathy.

Rent arrears

Rent arrears are constantly tracked and all efforts made to keep tenants on track with payment. We use the avenues available to us under the Residential Tenancies Act as well as a lot of personal contact to encourage payment.

Rent reviews

Our tenancy agreements are fixed for 12 months as is usual in Dunedin. Before we sign a new tenancy agreement, we appraise the property against the market and discuss our suggestions with owners.


We perform inspections on a quarterly basis as that is the requirement of most insurers. Our inspections are thorough, with around two hundred photos being taken and stored in our system in case they are needed as evidence at a later date. You will receive an inspection report with around 20 photos to give you an idea of the condition of the property and notes on what we found and any maintenance we have actioned.

Please browse through the FAQs below to find the answers to your questions, if your question remains unanswered, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Similarily, if you believe we should have specific information listed, please let us know.

We like to be very transparent about our fees. Please see the Our Charges tab for full details. We are happy to provide a quote specific to your property that reflects the amount of work we anticipate your property will be, so please contact us to discuss.

On the first working day of each month a detailed statement is e-mailed to you and the net rent is deposited into your account. Monthly payments minimise an owner's bank fees, accounting costs and mortgage payments can usually be set up to be paid monthly to coincide with your rental income.

We do also have a mid month payment cycle, so if this better suits your situation let us know and we can put you on a twice monthly payment cycle.

After the tax year ends on 31 March, you will receive your usual March statement and payment and additionally a year end statement showing all income received and expenses incurred for the year split into the typical accounting categories. This information minimises the workload your accountant needs to do to prepare your accounts, thereby minimising the costs you incur. We can also set up to two people to receive your statements so both yourself and your accountant can automatically receive them each month and year end. This again saves time and expense for you.

Many tenancies in Dunedin are fixed term with most starting/ending in the summer months of Jan/Feb.

Ending a tenancy at this time makes good sense for both the tenant who will have the best choice of properties to choose from for their next home and the landlord for the best choice of quality tenants. Tenancies beginning outside of January / February are often set to finish in January / February the following year, rather than 12 months, which puts both the tenant and the owner in the best position for their next tenancy.

Having said that, tenancy law now allows tenants to roll onto periodic at the end of a fixed term regardless of the owner's wishes (an owner may now only terminate a tenancy in limited circumstances). This is leading to a gradual change in the seasonality in Dunedin.

We ask for one month's notice to allow us to give reasonable notice to the tenants who among other things will need to change the bank account they pay rent into, wrap up and settle any outstanding invoices we had actioned on your behalf and to settle the final rent payment to you. 

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New tenancy fee - $550 + GST

This covers the letting service:
  • Taking advertising photos
  • Organising the advertising (owner pays external advertising costs e.g. Trade Me), advertising on our website is included
  • Taking enquiries via our website, Trade Me, email and telephone
  • Booking viewings
  • Attending viewings and being positive ambassadors for the property
  • Credit checks (up to two included)
  • Background checking - multi-bureau check
  • Reference checking
  • Making a selection on your behalf based on merit of applicants
  • Drawing up the tenancy agreement
  • Meeting with the tenant to talk through the agreement and sign it
  • New home introduction and welcome pack etc
  • Additional credit checks $30 + GST
  • 4 week service period, beyond which $25 for each viewing
  • Included a free Healthy Homes Assessment
  • Trade Me advertising $86.09 -$164.35 + GST
  • Tenant re-signs for another term - admin charge $95 + GST

Covers liaising with the tenant about their intentions, reassessing the rent level, drawing up a new tenancy agreement, meeting with the tenant to sign the agreement.


Management fee - 8.5% + GST

This covers:

  • The benefit of our extensive knowledge of the RTA and experience with tenants
  • Collecting rent into a separate client funds account
  • Following our rent arrears process if rent does not come in including communication, breach notices and Tribunal action where necessary
  • Enforcing the RTA on behalf of the landlord for instance liaising with the Council and taking action over noise complaints
  • Maintenance plans
  • Our access to specialist legal advice
  • Time not fully covered by maintenance fee and inspection fees as these are priced well below the amount of time we spend on them. We are very comprehensive with our inspections.
  • Managing keys
  • Emergency phone for tenants to call out of hours regarding maintenance
  • Developing tenant rapport and handling tenant enquiries
  • Preparation for and attendance at mediation and tribunal hearings
  • Small maintenance and cleaning tasks (up to 30 mins). Our property managers have tool sets, vacuum cleaners and a full set of cleaning products on board their cars).
  • Access to REAL Landlord insurance (only available via a property manager)

Maintenance and renovations - 8.5% + GST

This covers:
  • Access to our preferred contractors, monitoring of their H&S management plan, public indemnity insurance and registration/qualifications
  • Arranging quotes
  • Liaising with you where appropriate
  • Instructing contractors
  • Monitoring the progress of jobs
  • Arranging access to the property
  • Processing and paying invoices
  • If you choose to pay for maintenance and renovations using your rent, we can arrange to hold back an amount each month to “save up” for it

The fee on large renovation projects may be negotiated prior to work commencing.

Our property managers are quite handy and will do up to 30 mins of maintenance or cleaning as part of the management fee.


Inspections - $60 + GST

  • Routine inspections
  • Check in/check out inspections - We meet with our tenants at the property, at the start of their tenancy. We walk them through the property to ensure a smooth start to the tenancy.
Inspections attract a $30 travel charge outside Dunedin CBD and surrounding suburbs.