Tenancy Services now have some useful, more detailed information up on their website about the five areas of the Healthy Homes Standards at the following link: https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/

Our tenancy agreements from 1 July 2019 have included the required statement of intention to comply with the Healthy Homes Standards and our staff are already taking note at each property visit of potential shortfalls that may need addressing.

We're required to gather and keep on record evidence of compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards.  After much research, thought, discussion in-house and with our peers and suppliers, we have decided to use an external provider to assess all our managed properties for compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards.

The report will tell us if any work needs doing by July 2021 and we can then go ahead and obtain quotes for our owners. 

Compliant properties are at the very core of our business and we will not be taking any risk that our properties are non-compliant. We have therefore decided to take the approach that a Healthy Homes Standards assessment is compulsory for all of our managed properties. It is already compulsory for new properties we take on.

Owners are welcome to organise another provider, or ask us to organise another provider for them, as long as it appropriately covers the Healthy Homes Standards.

Otherwise, we will be starting in the first week of October with the aim to have half of our managed properties assessed before Christmas and the other half shortly thereafter. It’s a big goal, but we would like our owners to have as much time as possible to plan for any necessary work coming out of the reports. As we found with the July 2019 insulation deadline, suppliers in Dunedin get booked up and materials become scarce. We prefer a pro-active approach rather than a mad scramble at the end with a risk of some properties missing the deadline.